25 years success

Our firm was set up in 1991 and converted into a stock company in 1998. Our core competencies are refurbishing and modernising historical buildings, conversion and revitalization of existing buildings and turn-key construction of residential and commercial buildings. We implement projects as a developer on our own account and also provide all of our business activities as services to third parties. In order to successfully cover all aspects of a real estate development we operate with a team of experienced consultants and specialists. The group has a staff of 68.

To receive an impression of our range of services please take a look at selected references.

To successfully support a project at all stages, Stadtbau AG relies on specialized subsidiaries.

In addition to their services to the group they contribute their knowledge as independent market participants.


The independent performance of each company and a regular exchange of information lead to a comprehensive overview of the market and thereby enable rapid and efficient responses to the current market developments.

Corporate Group

SBP Bauprojekt GmbH

site & construction management

Stadtbau Projekt GmbH

internal general contractor

Stadtbau Wohnprojekte GmbH


development of residential properties for owner-occupiers and investors

Stadtbau Asset Management GmbH

property & asset management

Stadtbau Immobilien GmbH

commercial property sales & letting

Dr. Krüger Immobilien Leipzig GmbH

residential property sales & letting


Stadtbau AG strives for long-term commitments and sustainable value creation. Each investment is planned according to user needs with focus on an individualised utilisation concept and is carefully implemented. Regular market analysis enables the company to rapidly respond to market developments.

Stadtbau AG is committed to the city which name it bears. We provide financial and material resources for Leipzig's art and culture scene. Our special focus lies on strengthening projects that help child and youth education.


All companies in the group subcontract preferentially to local companies and service providers and thus strengthen the region and secure employment.